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The most common reasons why 📩 Loan Application are rejected are the following:

  1. No job, no stable job or not enough salary
  2. No bank account to verify your financial history
  3. No credit score or credit score too low
  4. No collateral to offer or the loan amount too high
  5. Bankruptcy or existing debt too high

Moreover, many 📩 Loan Application are rejected because the application form is incomplete or contains contradicting data.

When you join Pocket Money 💰 Rewards you start earning and learning your way into financial inclusion. We help you to earn small 💰 Rewards consistently and provide you with the foundation of Financial Education. As you progress to 🎖 Levels 1, you will be able to apply for a 💵 Micro Loan of USD 100.

We cannot guarantee the approval of your 📩 Loan Application, but we can help you showing your 🏛 Licensed Lenders that you would be able to repay wither with your own money or "emptying your 🔐 Virtual Pocket" of all the 💰 Rewards.

Pocket Money is currently seeking Micro Credit license in Uganda, however, in other countries, we might help you to find 🏛 Licensed Lenders that have joined our network and are willing to consider your 📩 Loan Application.

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