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Important information for 🏛 Licensed Lenders worldwide interested in participating the Pocket Money ecosystem
Topics [Lending FAQ]
  • Is Pocket Money a Licensed Lender?

    Currently, Pocket Money is seeking Micro Credit License in Uganda, under the regulation of the Bank of Uganda. License request was submitted in early 2019 and the approval is pending. At the moment this article was written, Pocket money was not seeking Micro Credit License in any other country,...
  • Can a Lender receive Rewards as money?

    Yes. Licensed Lenders are paid in USD when a Borrower defaults. Levels are put in place as an alternative way of scoring the credit ability of a potential Borrower. At Pocket Money we offer Rewards to users who complete tasks, such as voting in Polls and answering Surveys. Such tasks are often...
  • Why only Licensed Lenders?

    The credit and micro-credit industries have been plagued with P2P scandals. Pocket Money has chosen to work with Licensed Lenders that have been approved by local authorities, such as but not limited to Monetary Authorities and Central Banks. As we believe that each country would have strict...
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