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Pocket Money allows you to monetize the 💰 Rewards in your 🔐 Virtual Pocket. The process is simple and requires only 4 steps:

  1. Earn at least 10,000 💰 Rewards to reach 🎖 Level 10
  2. Sell your 10,000 💰 Rewards to Pocket Money for USD 100
  3. Choose whether you want to ✍ Buy Back your 💰 Rewards or ✋ Sell Only
  4. Display the 🔄 Cycle badge for the duration of the 🔄 Cycle itself

This is what happens depending on your choice:

  • When the ✍ Buy Back is completed in a single payment, your 🔄 Cycle badge will be replaced by a 🥇 Single Buy Back badge
  • When the ✍ Buy Back is completed in multiple payments, your 🔄 Cycle badge will be replaced by a 🥈 Multiple Buy Back badge
  • If you decided to ✋ Sell Only, your 🔄 Cycle badge will be immediately replaced by a 🥉 No Buy Back badge

Click here to sell your 💰 Rewards for USD 100

ATTENTION: If you ✍ Buy Back your 💰 Rewards you will be able to continue in your journey towards financial inclusion, but if you prefer to ✋ Sell Only, your 🔐 Virtual Pocket will be empty and you will have to start again from zero 💰 Rewards.

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