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Find out why are you earning 💰 Rewards and what can you do with them.
Topics [How can I use my Rewards?]
  • Sell your Rewards

    Pocket Money allows you to monetize the 💰 Rewards in your 🔐 Virtual Pocket. The process is simple and requires only 4 steps: Earn at least 10,000 💰 Rewards to reach 🎖 Level 10 Sell your 10,000 💰 Rewards to Pocket Money for USD 100 Choose whether...
  • Can spend or cash out my Rewards?

    No. Your 💰 Rewards are held in your 🔐 Virtual Pocket. The whole purpose of earning 💰 Rewards is to give users access to credit. Meaning to say that when a user does not qualify for a 💵 Micro Loan with a 🏛 Licensed Lender, we can help such user earning...
  • Micro-loan safety net

    All the 💰 Rewards earned are saved in your 🔐 Virtual Pocket and can be used only as a collateral payment if in future you fail to pay back a 💵 Micro Loan to a 🏛 Licensed Lender that has given you credit through an application filed using Pocket Money. In other...
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