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Topics [How can I earn Rewards?]
  • Earn by creating a Poll

    You can earn 10 💰 Rewards for each ⏹ Poll created for a maximum of 1,000 💰 Rewards in total. In order to create ⏩ Quick Polls you must have upgraded your user account from 👤 Community Member to 🆙 Earn Rewards by following the instructions here or be...
  • Earning by Inviting

    When using Pocket Money 💰 Rewards on the web on your computer or on your phone you can invite friends to join the 🙌 Community. To do so, if you have an account on Pocket Money 💰 Rewards 🙌 Community, go to: and...
  • Earning by Voting

    Pocket Money has 2 types of ⏹ Polls: ⏩ Quick Polls and 🎦 Multimedia Polls that are meant for any 👤 Community Members and 🆙 Earn Rewards users to Vote. Voting in ⏹ Polls is just one way to earn 💰 Rewards. There are ⏩ Quick Polls and 🎦...
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