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We are determined to make an impact in the financial inclusion, by giving everyone an opportunity to earn the ability to access credit.

To do so, we have created a concept called Pocket Money 💰 Rewards, where you can earn a small amount of money by completing simple tasks, such as voting in a ⏹ Polls, and keep these 💰 Rewards in a 🔐 Virtual Pocket as your financial footprint.

We have set 🎖 Levels for you to climb, so that when you earn your first USD 100 in 💰 Rewards, you can finally approach 🏛 Licensed Lenders, even if you don't have a job or sufficient credit score.

The 🏛 Licensed Lenders can choose to consider your USD 100 in 💰 Rewards as the safety net, in case you cannot repay your 💵 Micro Loan.

You can start earning 💰 Rewards immediately by creating and account on

Pocket Money empowering differently banked communities
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