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The very essential information you need to know before getting started with Pocket Money 💰 Rewards.
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  • Create an account

    The web version of Pocket Money Rewards allows anyone to create an account using 4 methods, all available at this link: The 4 methods are: Direct Sign Up with Username and Password Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Linkedin Sign up with...
  • Types of account

    In Pocket Money you can register as: 👤 Community Member 🆙 Earn Rewards 🆎 Advertiser 👤 Community Member The registration process takes less than 30 seconds, having to fill in only basic information about yourself. When you register as a 👤...
  • How to choose a safe password

    Pocket Money Rewards makes you earn rewards that you can use as collateral when taking a loan. Hence it is as if you had real money in your account. Stay safe. Make sure that your password is at least 8 characters. Ideally it should contain: lower case letters UPPER CASE...
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