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Learn the principles of buying back without risks

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Be "differently banked"

With Pocket Money 💰 Rewards you can earn small amount of money by completing simple tasks, such as voting in a ⏹ Poll or 💬 Surveys, and collect such 💰 Rewards as your financial footprint in your 🔐 Virtual Pocket.

We have set 🎖 Levels for you to climb, so that when you earn your first 10,000 💰 Rewards, you can sell to Pocket Money for US$ 100.

You can then choose to ✍ Buy Back your 💰 Rewards and continue climbing up 🎖 Levels, or just ✋ Sell Only if that works better for you.

"Gamified" financial inclusion

Participating financial inclusion can be stressful. Borrowing and paying back during emergency is not easy. Moreover, some requirements are too strict to be matched.

At Pocket Money we care about long lasting results. We prepare you to face lender with adequate understanding of basic financial principles.

Become 👤 Community Member and start earning 💰 Rewards by answering ⏹ Polls and 💬 Surveys. The 💰 Rewards are stored in your 🔐 Virtual Pocket until you reach 🎖 Level 10.

You can sell your 💰 Rewards to Pocket Money for cash. You have the choice to ✋ Sell Only and empty your 🔐 Virtual Pocket, or ✍ Buy Back your 💰 Rewards and continue earning.

At every stage you will be given badges to represent your status.

🎖 Level 💰 Rewards ✋ Sell Only Min. ✍ Buy Back Max. 🔄 Cycle
10 10,000 US$ 100 US$ 108 8 weeks
25 25,000 US$ 300 US$ 324 16 weeks
50 50,000 US$ 650 US$ 702 24 weeks
75 75,000 US$ 1,000 US$ 1,080 32 weeks
100 100,000 US$ 1,500 US$ 1,620 40 weeks

Gain credibility with your actions

When you borrow money and can't pay back, you surely end up in trouble. Pocket Money helps you practicing the concept of borrowing and paying back without risks.

After selling your 💰 Rewards, Pocket Money will display a 🔄 Cycle badge on your profile, to show that you have begun practicing.

You can practice repayment with a 🥇 Single Buy Back or 🥈 Multiple Buy Backs. These badge will replace the 🔄 Cycle badge and show your ability and willingness to repay.

You can also choose to simulate a "default" by ✋ Selling Only your 💰 Rewards, but that would display a 🥉 No Buy Back badge on your profile, showing that you failed to repay.

My financial needs

DISCLAIMER, READ CAREFULLY: This is a form presented by Pocket Money Forex Bureau Pte. Ltd. (Uganda) which notifies and you understand and agree that:
  1. This is not an application for loan;
  2. Pocket Money is not a money lender;
  3. This form serves as a statistic for micro-credit market requirements;
  4. Please note that by submitting this information you expressly give us the right to store it, use it for planning our operations and launch and also use anonymous aggregated statistics derived from your and others data for marketing;
  5. Please note that by submitting this information you expressly give us the right to contact you for marketing purpose.
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