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Singapore or Dubai?

Vote whether you prefer Singapore or Dubai and earn 30 Rewards, which is equal to USD 30 cents when it comes to build your safety net for a future micro loan.

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52.63% votes
  • Singapore
47.37% votes
  • Dubai
[{"id":"33","title":"Singapore","votes":"10","type":"x","order":"1","pct":52.63,"resources":[{"type":"image","option_id":"33","value":"lp8pjzk8s4g0fq54736zhshan.png","src":"https:\/\/\/media\/communitypolls\/images\/lp8pjzk8s4g0fq54736zhshan.png"}]},{"id":"34","title":"Dubai","votes":"9","type":"x","order":"2","pct":47.37,"resources":[{"type":"image","option_id":"34","value":"6afg6mwa8mwra4dr2pwngr514.png","src":"https:\/\/\/media\/communitypolls\/images\/6afg6mwa8mwra4dr2pwngr514.png"}]}] ["#ff5b00","#4ac0f2","#b80028","#eef66c","#60bb22","#b96a9a","#62c2cc"] ["rgba(255,91,0,0.7)","rgba(74,192,242,0.7)","rgba(184,0,40,0.7)","rgba(238,246,108,0.7)","rgba(96,187,34,0.7)","rgba(185,106,154,0.7)","rgba(98,194,204,0.7)"] 350
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Bandese Collins
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Byekwaso Ronald
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10566 Points
Okwalinga Daniel
Level 4
4362 Points
Stefano Virgilli
Level 4
4092 Points
Bwino Aggrey Ambrose
Level 3
3956 Points
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