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Insurance Companies are taking advantage of the financial and savings ignorance of most Uganda youth
5 vote(s)
The current Savings plans in most insurance companies can not help an ordinary Ugandan towards achieving financial independence
1 vote(s)
There is lack of an appropriate framework from Bank of Uganda to regulate the performance of Insurance companies for the benefit of a common Ugandan
0 vote(s)
Ugandans have poor savings and spending habits that do not allow them to save untill the end of the saving plans signed
1 vote(s)
Insurance Companies do not provide enough education to would-be-clients concerning the different savings plans available and which one would be the best considering the level of earning of any would-be-clients
4 vote(s)
Insurance companies should be able to effectively educate and monitor their clients on how to efficiently invest their loans/ benefits so as to gain financial independence
2 vote(s)

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